About Us


While Sierra Corporate Management has been around over 20 years, our emphasis is on staying in the now. Through continued education, participation in various associations and trade organizations, staying current with the ever changing and developing legal front and through taking advantage of cutting edge technology, we can utilize our history and knowledge to embrace the challenges that are just around the corner.


Currently SCM manages nearly 30 parks and 5,600 spaces located throughout California, into Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and within the State of Illinois. We manage both company owned and manage in a third party capacity.


Our parks come in all shapes and sizes, including family parks and senior parks. While we bring consistency to the parks through our collective knowledge and through policy and procedures, we recognize that each park and each community, is different. Our business model is to customize a program to meet the investor’s goals. We do this through fully understanding the asset, the market place and strong communication with the owners.