Park Management


The team at SCM specializes in one thing, Park Management. We live and breathe it. We are privileged to manage parks of all shapes and sizes, parks of different demographics, economic scales, simply different calibers and amenities. We manage both senior and all aged parks.


We measure our success by one main ingredient - meeting the park owner’s goal(s). During our initial contact with potential clients and continuing with this philosophy through the management engagement, we interview you as you interview us, we ask questions, obtain history, gain insights and learn your future objectives. We then put together a plan of action to meet your goals, not ours!


We customize our plan for each park. We do this even through our staff selection. We adopt existing park rules and regulations and marry them into our system. Our goal is to educate our owners where possible, bring items to the table and make decisions with them in accordance to their goals. This includes: lease rates, rent increases, community rules and even staffing compensation.


We take that plan of action and put those words in numerical format, a written budget for each park. We report monthly on that through a solid reporting system that can even include customized reports for your own style and needs. Our software also includes the ability to do utility reading and of course monthly billing.


Contact us today so that we may customize a plan for your park. We eagerly await the opportunity. 


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