“After 12 years, the day-to-day challenges are still incredibly invigorating. In return, the appreciation I get by the residents and the company are immense.”

Linda L. - Park Manager


“I have worked for SCM for almost 10 years. In that time I find my work most challenging and rewarding!”

Gemma Y – Accounting


“Working for Sierra has let me take a leadership role and at times be my own boss but at the same time, have the full support of a great team. I love it.”

Joe R – Maintenance




“Sierra is great to work with, they really care about their communities.”

Dave T – JB Bostick Co., Inc.


“Pacific States Utility Co, is privileged and honored to work alongside of some of the industries top rated management companies, Sierra Corporate Management is certainly one of them.”

Leo E. - Pacific States Utility Company


"It’s been great working with Sierra. The Park Managers really get involved and are proactive in their approach to working the Parks. We seem to have grown together very nicely!"

Brain E. – BEC Electrical



“The team at Sierra has done a great job in building value to my parks and reaching my specific goals. The ease of ownership alone has been worth the relationship!”

Michael S - Client


"What I have enjoyed most in working with Sierra is the ease of
communication and the timeliness of their response to my requests".

Lee K – Client