Utility And Infrastrucure Rehab


As managers in the business for 20-years, and with managing assets built as early as the 1940’s, we understand infrastructure. Today’s owners face the challenge of aging infrastructures. Those challenges include:


  • Pricing/replacement cost
  • Tenant Pass-through
  • Logistics
  • Vendors
  • Working with utility Companies
  • Working with your City/County/HCD
  • Cash Management
  • Scope of work and bid analysis


Having completed many infrastructure upgrades, including gas line replacement, electrical wiring, sub station transformers, main transformers, water supply and sewer lines, water meter installations, SCM is uniquely qualified to help you navigate and even mange this operation for you.


These projects are the most complex a park owner and management will take on. Often it means months of planning with utility companies, service contractors, city/county/HCD officials and residents alike. Proactive management is key here. It is so important to understand what and how your critical components are and what stage of their life span they are today.


Upon execution of management, our team conducts a thorough review and inspection of your park and provides a fresh perspective to you of these systems and other physical aspects of your park so you are not caught by surprises. This helps you and us, develop a cash flow plan that we can execute and succeed for you, the investor.


Having a problem with utilities and would like to learn more about our services? Feel free to contact us today.


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