We Provide Special Case Repairs To Those In Need

We’re committed to ensuring every mobile home park is safe and comfortable, which is why we offer Special Case Repairs to mobile homes in need of maintenance.

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Who Qualifies

At Sierra Corporate Management, we want to help whenever we can, which is why we offer our Special Case Repairs program to qualified in-need residents of our Mobile Home Parks.

How It Works

Through our Special Case Repairs program, we can offer repairs and replacements to both the interiors and exteriors of mobile home units. Services include:

  • Painting interior/exterior
  • Roof repair
  • Stairs repair
  • Skirting repair
  • Landscape upgrade
  • Broken window repair/replacement
  • Broken toilet repair/replacement
  • Broken heater repair/replacement
  • Broken stove repair/replacement
  • Bathroom/Kitchen floor repair/replacement

How To Apply

The Park Manager at your Mobile Home Community will be able to identify whether your space is in need of maintenance, who can then take the necessary steps to arrange repair/replacement. Alternatively, a neighbor may report another home in need of repair to the Park Manager, either by name or anonymously.

Contact Your Park Manager